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2000 km , 25 hours & 11 days : Searching for Dad

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

In July 2021, we made a trip to Germany to recapture the memories we had with dad and to remember his stories from the time in Germany and his other visits.


Starting at 1500 towards Lübeck. First step was to get to Germany through Lubeck. It is hard to imagine how Dad's trip has been in the 1950's from Iran to Germany. It was the postwar era. It is hard to imagine the experience. I found this video online which is a promotional video for Lufthansa in 1950s. Also here some vintage photos of aviation in 1950s. Mehrabad airport in Tehran, was for the first time used as an airfield for aviation club planes in 1938. Iran's civil aviation joined the organization to ICAO in 1949. The first asphalt paved runway and a a new terminal building for international flight were only built in 1955 by an American architect William Pereira. This is four years before he first flew to Germany. It is almost like the feeling we have towards space trips these days. Seems very abstract and impossible but yet again in few years of operation. And I don't think many of us are in the first line to use the possibility of flying into the space for any reason. I haven't been able to find where he first flew to.




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