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I hold my memories dear in this older age

Despite aging being sometimes unattractive and meaningless


Instead of flowers, from unknowns, I sow the seeds of despair

At the moment of duality my memories however come to heal


My memories are gradually disappearing from my mind

Alas, I will get crazy and helpless at the end


My memories are a sea of treasure, but I do not know where they are

Whatever it is, I am the existing, a flame remains of my soul and body


My treasure is imprisoned and hidden in the ruins of my heart

My memories have gotten dull, this is not new, this is not easy


Fellow travelers in the blindfold of life, I cherish our memories

Alas, in this corner, in this isolation, I fell into a loneliness


I wish the wind would spread our ashes on the soil of the homeland, on its plains;

Perhaps some day, daffodils, Persian buttercups, or a willows may sprout from them.

Nosrat Ollah Sarikhani, 2020

The gallery of poems will be updated frequently with more of his work as we type them in. 
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