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Nosrat O. Sarikhani


Nosrat Ollah Sarikhani born on March 25th 1932 Tehran, Iran, was a profound forest scientist, environmentalist, inventor, poet, explorer, a loving husband, an amazing father and a wonderful grandfather, and above all a truly honorable human with love and passion for nature, global socialism and goodness. 

He had a creative mind and was never resting. Throughout his life he was an inspiration to many. He  dedicated his life to education and encouraged his students to pursue natural preservation and global socialisms. He was a legacy to embrace and to remember through his words, thoughts, philosophy of life and memories.


Nosrat was one of the first professors who established the Forest and Rangeland Institute and thereafter the Faculty of Natural Resources at the University of Tehran, Iran. He was working closely as an assistant with Professor Dr. Gläser, a forest scientist on a FAO mission in Iran, and encouraged by him and supported by FAO to pursue his academic career in the same field. Nosrat received his doctorate in forestry and forest management from Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, and later on was in charge of all forest engineering courses at the Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, until his retirement. In addition, as the first head of the Forest of Education and Research, the University of Tehran in Kheyrud, Nowshahr, Iran, he made outstanding services and achievements in the design and implementation of forestry projects and its establishment. His teaching and teaching operations in the forest were always appreciated by his students and in this respect he was among the unique professors in his work and expertise. 

During his retirement, Sarikhani completed a series of rhymes and poems on different topics related to nature, philosophy of life, global socialism, and his own life. His love and passion for nature and worries of its false utilization was not only his everyday mind hassle or not only his profession but intertwined with his very being and existence that he was set to germinate in minds and souls of whoever he could reach. As he writes beautifully in The pond:

من تك كنار بركه و گل دسته دسته بود

‎ابر نمور، دامن خود را گسسته بود 

I was alone by the pond and dabs of flowers plentiful

The rain clouds had spread its skirt

‎باران ريز دانه كه بر آب مى چكيد ‎

نقش هزار دايره بر آب بسته بود

The drizzle of rain dripping on the pond

Had painted contours of a thousand circles

يك سار نك طلايى زيبا در آن طرف

‎ ‎با جفت خود سر شاخى نشسته بود

An inquisitive golden-beak starling on the other side

Was sitting on a branch with its mate

افسوس و صد فغان كه از آن پس در آن مكان

‎‎ صدها مسافر آمده ديگر نرفته بود

Alas a thousand sighs, ever since

Hundreds of passengers came & not went away

چندى گذشت و بركه زيباى ما دگر

‎ ‎از زير بار سخت قدمها نرسته بود

Some time passed and our beautiful pond

Did not rejuvenate under the heavy steps

اين يادگار مانده ز دوران و عصرها

‎‎آينه وار زير قدمها شكسته بود

This relic of the ages and times

It was broken like a mirror under their steps

‎گويا هزار نغمه گر داستان عشق

‎از ناز گل ، ستم خار، خسته بود

Perhaps the nightingale, the singer of the thousands love stories

Was fatigued from the lavish of the flower, the sting of her thorn

Written by Nosrat Ollah Sarikhani, 2018

Listen to his recite here 

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Nosrat Ollah Sarikhani

- Born March 25th, 1932

- Scientist, Educator, Father, Grandfather

- Sadly left us on March 13th, 2021.

By keeping his legacy through his words, memories and your stories, we would like to honor a truly dedicated, loving, and pure person for his family, acquaintances and all those who he supported, inspired and educated throughout his life. 

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